Compensation Policy

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Compensation Policy

Customer is responsible for checking that goods size, weight, documentation, composition, and addressing meet both Ufanisi Courier and Legislation requirements. Ufanisi assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or delay arising from defects that may be observed at the time of posting.

We are not liable for the following;


Delayed Shipments

Circumstances beyond our control, example:
       • Acts of God for example earthquakes, cyclones, storms or floods.
       • Force Majeure for example, war, road accidents, plane clashes, bob explosions, embargoes or terrorist activities.
       • Any defects or characteristic of the shipment even if known to the company when the item was accepted.
       • Any action or omission by anyone outside ufanisi courier services limited. Either the sender, receiver and interested third parties like.
      • Electrical or magnetic damage to or erasure of electronic or photographic images i.e. on sequential or special damages or loss

Consequential damages & loss.

The company is not liable for the following, whether they arise in contract, or any other form of civil action including negligence, or any other circumstances.
     ◦ Consequential or special damages or loss.
     ◦ Other indirect losses
     ◦ Breach of another contract.
Consequential damages or loss include, but are not limited to; lost income, profits, interests, markets and use of content.


Unless negligence is proved ufanisi shall not incur any liability.

     • By reason of the loss, mis delivery or delay of or damage to, any shipment in the course of the transmission by post or
     • By reason of interception, detention or disposal of any shipment in accordance with the provision of a country legislation.


Compensation shall not happen in the following circumstances:

     • If the shipment is prohibited under the law
     • Where our services clearly state compensation is not applicable
     • Where the addressee has signed for receipt of the shipment.
     • Where false statement about the contents has been made.

Compensation claim.

Where loss or damage of shipment will occur and there is proof of negligence on our part, the company will compensate the customer within 3 months of loss or damage taking place.
A customer wishing to make such claims for damaged or lost item, must claim in writing to Ufanisi Courier Services Ltd. Such claim should be received within 30 days from the date the shipment was accepted.

Maximum compensation.

For domestic shipments compensation will be the value as declared by the sender during shipment, or the prevailing market price. Maximum compensation will not exceed ksh 10000.


The company shall maintain an insurance cover with an insurance company of her choice at all times. Liability coverage shall be as per the existing insurance policy and other conditions above. The company however recommends that the customer takes out a shipment insurance. On request by customers the company may direct the customer to reputable insurance companies for insurance cover at the customer’s cost.


The laws that will govern our arbitration are laws of Kenya. Parties agree on our terms and conditions that should a dispute arise, prior to proceeding to court, they must exhaust arbitration as laid down by the act and the intervention of Communication Authority of Kenya.



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